Sunday, September 21, 2008

Because babies need their Manolos, too!

Girls studies scholar and all around cool lady, Sharon Mazzarella, pointed out this ridiculous new product to me the other day. Indeed, what every stylish infant needs: Barbie Doll-pink (or zebra print, if you prefer) stiletto heels! They are squishy, which apparently should placate anyone who's worried about their toddler turning her ankle when she decides to take those first few steps, though if you watch the little video that accompanies this news story about it, I think you can see that Baby's First Shoe Injury is still a distinct possibility.

And believe it or not, these were developed by a couple of moms outfitting their own babies with them. I love how the news story's only critical angle is "Some people think any high heeled shoes are inappropriate for babies, but the inventors say they are all in good fun!" That's why they are called  "heelarious" -- get it?  Yes, because it is really funny that we're training our girls to be all-consuming fashionistas (with an affinity for hooker heels) as soon as they leave the womb. 

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Sad news: In memory of Jacqueline Kirk, co-founder and co-editor of Girlhood Studies

I just read this tremendously sad news and thought I should share since Jacqueline Kirk (who I unfortunately never met) was an advocate and leader in the field of girls studies research and an activist who actually put herself in harm's way to make the world a better place for girls. She and two aid workers were killed in Afghanistan last month while doing just that. You can see the Girlhood Studies statement about Kirk to learn more about her work and what happened. 

My thoughts go out to her family and colleagues.